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The Anesthesiology Department at Westchester Medical Center provides expert and compassionate 疼痛管理 to our patients. Utilizing the most advanced techniques available, our staff of board-certified anesthesiologists includes specialists in the areas of pediatric anesthesia, obstetrical anesthesia, 疼痛管理, 急救护理, cardiovascular anesthesia, neurosurgical anesthesia and trauma management. 

Our department actively consults with other physicians on preoperative care, anesthetic procedures, and 疼痛管理 to ensure the best care for their patients, and welcomes questions and concerns from patients directly regarding their anesthesia options for surgery or obstetrical care.

As an academic partner of the New York Medical College, we actively participate in ongoing 研究 and clinical trials, and provide four years of expert education and training to medical residents in our Anesthesiology Residency program.  我们的课程, 研究, and training ensure that our services and patient care are always at the forefront of medical advances in anesthesiology.

Anesthesiology Services

Our Anesthesiology Department is recognized for its outstanding patient care and provides an array of advanced surgical and non-surgical 疼痛管理 services.

  • Cardiovascular Anesthesia
    We provide safe administration of anesthesia to critically ill patients undergoing pediatric or adult cardiac surgery. 

  • Critical Care Anesthesia
    We consult with physicians on critically ill patients undergoing surgery and provide care to those patients during the immediate post-operative period.

  • Neurosurgical Anesthesia
    We provide a broad range of 疼痛管理 for all types of elective and emergent neurosurgical care.

  • Obstetrical Anesthesia
    Our department specializes in the relief of pain associated with labor and delivery as well as medical management of critically ill obstetric patients.

  • 疼痛管理
    We focus on providing relief of acute and chronic pain, and provide consultation and a variety of pain therapies for both inpatient and outpatient clients.

  • Pediatric Anesthesia
    Our specialists in pediatric anesthesia provide anesthesia service for infants and children undergoing various types of surgical and non-invasive procedures.

  • General Surgical Anesthesia


Panzica, Peter, MD, Chair and Director
Mittnacht, Alexander, MD, FASE, Vice Chair, Chief Cardiac

Abramowicz, Apolonia (Liz) 医学博士FASA
Alleyne, Jewel, MD
Bairamian, Mosses, MD
Barst, Samuel, MD
Cvetkovic, Draginja, MD
Doherty, Tara, DO
Dominik, Jeremy, MD
Donnelly, Kevin, MD
Dworet, Jessica, MD, PhD
Genis, Alina, MD
Gruffi, Catherine, MD
Jacoby, Michael, MD
Kelley, Ashley, MD
Kramer, Shelley, DO
Kumaraswami, Sangeeta, MD
Lederman, Debra, DO
Leer, Ethan, MD
Lyew,迈克尔, MD
Mancuso, Joey, MS, DO
Manougian, Toni, MD, MBA
Marshall, Cameron, MD
Mehta, Bhupen, MD
Meszaros, Austin MD
Namkoong, Shanie, MD
Nicolai, Angelique, MD
Pasamba-Rakhlin, Bernadette, MD
Rahimi, Michael, MD
Rosenberg, Laurence, MD
Salik 我是马里兰州的艾里姆
Sekhri, Nitin, MD
Shabsigh, Muhammad, MD
Shapiro, Victoria, DO
Shivakeerthy, Ubranimath, MD
Shulin, Valeriy, DO
Siddiqui, Ammar, MD
Sofjan, Iwan, MD
保罗·B·特鲁比亚诺., MD
Villion, Anrew, MD
Wecksell, Matthew, MD
Yaghoubian, Saman, DO
Yeom, Richard, MD