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Lung Cancer Screening

Lung Cancer Screening

Westchester Medical Center offers Early Lung Cancer Detection to High Risk Patients

Lung cancer screening with computed tomography (CT) helps detect lung cancer at an early stage when it can be removed completely and cured. The Westchester Medical Center (WMC) lung cancer screening program offers high quality imaging with advanced CT equipment. Our program includes a subspecialty-trained, board-certified thoracic radiologist, pulmonologists, oncologists, radiation oncologist and thoracic surgeons based at WMC.


Will I be exposed to radiation?

Yes, CT requires the use of x-rays to generate images. Low- dose screening CT at WMC uses approximately 20% of the radiation dose used for an average diagnostic chest CT.

Can I get a lung cancer screening CT without a provider’s order?

No, New York State law requires a provider referral for CT lung cancer screening. If you do not have a provider, our CT lung cancer screening program navigator will be able to help.

How will I be informed of the results?

Your screening CT will be interpreted by experienced, board-certified radiologists. A letter with results will be mailed to you. The full report will be sent to your provider, who will then discuss the result with you.

If an abnormality is found, does it mean I have cancer?

Not necessarily. Small nodules and other abnormalities are found in about one in five screening CT scans, but most of these turn out to be benign — not cancer. Additional tests, most commonly followup scans, may be necessary to separate these incidental nodules from early cancers.


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Please contact the Advanced Imaging Center at 914.493.2500 or e-mail AISchedulers@wmchealth.org with any inquires. 


Pearson, Gregory D., MD, PhD
Gregory Pearson, MD, PhD
Thoracic and Cardiac Imaging
Rozenshtein, Anna, MD
Anna Rozenshtein, MD
Director of Thoracic and Cardiac Imaging
Shapiro, Robert S., MD
Robert Shapiro, MD
Medical Director of Advanced Imaging,
Director of Clinical Affairs and Quality Assurance