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现在打电话: 914.909.4168 (门诊)| 914.493.8069 (住院)


中风后, 受伤或疾病, the facility you choose to provide your physical rehabilitation can impact the rest of your life. The physical medicine and rehabilitation care you receive can impact your future mobility, 独立性和日常运作. That's why it is important that you choose the inpatient rehabilitation facility or outpatient program that is right for you.


Our inpatient physical medicine and rehabilitation program offers comprehensive physical rehabilitative care for persons recovering from 中风, 后天性脑损伤, 骨科创伤, 截肢, 脊髓损伤, 以及其他急慢性疾病和伤害.


Our outpatient physical medicine and rehabilitation program offers comprehensive evaluation and rehabilitative management of musculoskeletal and neurological disorders including:

  • 背部和颈部疼痛
  • 关节炎
  • 肌腱或韧带损伤或炎症的非Surgery治疗
  • 伤病
  • 中风和脑损伤相关损伤
  • 痉挛状态管理
  • 术前和术后脊柱护理
  • 关节置换术前后
  • 脊髓损伤、周围神经损伤的非Surgery治疗
  • 肌肉萎缩症管理
  • 癌症病人康复 
  • 急性和慢性疼痛
  • 平衡和步态障碍
  • 假肢和矫形器处方
  • 神经认知康复
  • 吞咽困难的评估和治疗


The 威彻斯特医疗中心 18-bed comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation unit is located in Taylor Pavilion on the campus of 威彻斯特医疗中心 (WMC) in 瓦尔哈拉殿堂, NY. A multidisciplinary team of rehabilitation healthcare professionals provides intensive rehabilitation focused on maximizing functional recovery and independence with the goal of returning home.



  • 物理医生(受过康复医学专门训练的医生)
  • 咨询医生(针对您的临床护理方面)
  • 物理治疗师
  • 职业治疗师
  • 语言病理学家
  • 社会工作
  • 神经心理学
  • 康复护理
  • 呼吸治疗
  • 田园保健



  • Close physician oversight and medical management by a physiatrist (physician who specializes in the rehabilitative care of patients)
  • 由WMC内科和外科专家及专科专家提供咨询服务
  • 每周15小时的强化康复计划
  • An individualized rehabilitation treatment plan specifically designed with your goals in mind
  • Advanced rehabilitation equipment including the ArmeoPower for upper extremity robotic-guided therapeutic exercise and the Ekso Exoskeleton for gait retraining



  • 中风
  • 脑损伤
  • 髋部骨折
  • 脊柱外科Surgery
  • 截肢
  • 多个创伤
  • 帕金森病
  • 格林-巴利
  • 多发性硬化症
  • 其他急性和慢性神经系统疾病
  • 广义衰弱
  • 运动损伤
  • 痉挛状态管理


If you have experienced a functional decline as a result of an acute or chronic medical condition, 你可能有资格获得急性住院康复. 

住院后, 如果你走路有困难,你可能不准备直接回家, 在床上和床下转移, 或者进行自我护理活动,比如梳洗, 洗澡, 沙拉酱, 等. Acute inpatient rehabilitation is an intensive rehabilitation program designed to quickly get you stronger, 更加独立的, 回到家. 在你住院康复期间, 你留在威彻斯特医疗中心, 是否有专门从事康复医学的医生密切跟踪, 能随时接触到WMC的数百名内科和外科专家吗, and receive a customized intensive rehabilitation program which includes regular physical therapy, 职业治疗, 还有(必要时)语言治疗. 你的社工会和你一起工作, 你的家人, 康复小组来帮你准备出院回家. This includes arrangements for home healthcare services or continued outpatient therapies, 设备需要,比如轮椅, 沃克, 浴缸板凳, 等.,以及后续预约. 

Acute inpatient rehabilitation is covered by Medicare and most third-party payers with preauthorization. Your hospital social worker can refer you to the WMC 急症住院康复科 at your request. In general, to qualify for acute inpatient rehabilitation, you need to meet the following criteria:

  1. Experienced a functional decline that necessitates continued hospitalization on an acute inpatient rehabilitation unit prior to return home.
  2. Require at least two skilled therapies which may include any combination of physical, 职业, 和/或语言治疗.
  3. Would benefit from continued close monitoring by a physician for medical management.
  4. Have the ability and endurance to participate in a minimum of three hours of skilled therapies, 每周五天.
  5. Have specific functional goals that can be achieved in a relatively short period of time. 例如,治疗目标可能是在出院回家之前独立行走. The average length of stay on the WMC 急症住院康复科 is approximately two weeks and can range from one to four weeks.

年龄较大并不妨碍您获得急性住院康复的资格. Many patients in their 80s and 90s receive acute inpatient rehabilitation following a hip fracture, 中风, 或其他使人衰弱的疾病或伤害. 只要你符合上述标准,你的目标就是回国, 你可能有资格获得急性住院康复.


In instances where you do not qualify for an acute inpatient rehabilitation stay or will require a prolonged stay in a skilled nursing facility, 你的医生或病例管理员可能会推荐“亚急性康复”.” Subacute rehabilitation generally refers to skilled nursing facility-based physical, 职业, 或者语言治疗. 康复计划没有那么密集, 患者的平均年龄较高, 停留时间通常更长(最多100天)。. Physician visits are less frequent and a higher percentage of patients will transition to a long-term care facility when ready for discharge.

If you would prefer a more intensive rehabilitation program with closer physician monitoring, you should request that your case manager refer you to an acute inpatient rehabilitation unit to determine whether you qualify. 如上所述, geriatric patients who wish to be as functionally independent as possible and can tolerate a more intensive rehabilitation program, 是否应考虑急性住院康复.


你的康复计划将在你入院时开始. Within the first 24 hours of your admission and continuing during the first several days of your admission, you will be participating in evaluation sessions provided by multiple members of the rehabilitation team who will be working with you during your inpatient stay. The evaluation findings will be discussed during an interdisciplinary team conference. This interdisciplinary team will design a treatment program specifically tailored to your needs and goals with you and 你的家人 included every step of the way.



报名电话: 914.909.4168 (登记)

凯西 Aligene,医学博士

  • 急性和慢性疼痛
  • 介入性脊柱Surgery(透视指南)
  • 肌肉骨骼医学


  • Neurorehabilitation
  • 老年康复

Negin Gohari医学博士

  • 一般康复
  • 癌症生存 
  • 假肢和矫形学

Anusha Lekshminarayanan医学博士

  • 运动医学
  • 康复


  • 针灸
  • 肌肉骨骼医学
  • 一般康复
  • 康复 


  • 痉挛状态管理
  • 一般康复

研究生培训- PM&R居住

The WMC 康复医学中心 offers an ACGME-accredited 16-position four-year categorical residency training program in 物理医学 & 康复(PM&R). 了解更多.


总理部&R offers a third-year medical student clerkship in collaboration with the Department of Neurology. Medical students may also opt to request an elective as a third- or fourth-year medical student. 请联系. 凯西 Aligene,神经病学/PM联合主任&R文员或梅雷迪思 Cutaia,行政主管,PM&学生见习和选修课.

凯西 Aligene医学博士: 凯西.Aligene@WMCHealth.org

梅勒迪斯Cutaia: 梅雷迪思.Cutaia@WMCHealth.org


康复科住院病人人数: 914.493.8069
住院康复组接待处: 914.493.6259

门诊物理专业实践: 914.909.4168

WMC主线: 914.493.7000

WMC社会工作: 914.493.7631



电话: 914.493.8609

You may also request that your case manager submit a referral online through the Allscripts Referral Network.



Aligene, 凯西, MD
  • 康复医学
  • 康复医学
保罗·T·戴蒙德., MD
  • 内部地中海
  • 康复医学
Gohari, Negin, DO
  • 康复医学
  • 物理医学 & 康复
Lekshminarayanan, Anusha, MBBS
  • PM&运动医学博士
  • 康复医学
乔丹·斯顿夫., MD
  • 物理医学 & 康复


梅雷迪思 Cutaia,康复部主任 914.493.6335

Lisa Maniscalco, MS cc - slp,治疗服务主任 914.493.6058

苏珊·布伦,注册护士,住院部护士长 914.493.5085

Kimberly Blaschke, LCSW, CCM,社会工作 914.493.6603

劳伦·塞尔斯基,硕士,招生联络员 914.493.8609

Maria Monzillo, cc - slp,招生联络员 914.493.8609