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ENT specialists at WMCHealth Physicians: Advanced ENT Services offer a range of throat surgery and procedures treating oral tumors, 舌头的领带, 病变, 扁桃体炎, 声带损伤, 还有更多. Learn more below about some of the throat surgeries that may be available to you at one of our practice locations in the Hudson Valley.


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A representative from WMCHealth Physicians Advanced ENT Services will call you at the phone number you include on this form. We accept most insurances including Medicare and Medicaid; please be sure to ask the practice representative who calls you if we accept your insurance plan. 如果您有医疗紧急情况,请拨打911或前往最近的急诊室.





Bronchoscopy (Examination of the Windpipe)


支气管镜检查是一种用于诊断目的的微创Surgery, 以及肺部或呼吸道异物的清除. 在支气管镜检查, 一只耳朵, 鼻子和喉咙专家插入一个长, 通过鼻子或嘴的支气管镜. 这个设备, 它的顶端有一盏灯和一个非常小的摄像头, 可以用来取组织样本进行活检吗, 有助于肺部疾病的诊断, 或者移除被困在肺部的异物. 


Direct Laryngoscopy (Larynx/Voice Box Procedure)


Direct laryngoscopy is a procedure utilized by surgeons for examining or treating the larynx and throat. 喉头(或喉头)位于气管的正上方. 直接喉镜检查可用于诊断目的, 异物清除, 活组织检查, 去除一个团块, 或者切除囊肿. 该Surgery在全身麻醉下进行.


Esophagoscopy (Examination of the Esophagus)


食管镜测法, 有时被称为“经鼻食管镜检查”,是一种既可用于诊断目的又可用于异物清除的程序. 它常用于诊断吞咽困难(吞咽问题)。. 在食管镜测法, 一个瘦, flexible endoscope with a light and small camera on the tip is inserted into the throat via a nasal passage. The procedure can be done in-office without anesthesia and typically takes less than 30 minutes.


Excision and Biopsy of Oral Tumor 


每年大约有53000名美国人被诊断患有口腔或口咽癌, 根据口腔癌基金会. 然而,其他人可能发展为良性(非癌性)和癌前口腔肿瘤. Providers at Advanced ENT Services perform 活组织检查 and excision (removal) of these oral tumors.


Excision of Masses and Mucosal Lesions (Lip, Tongue and Oral Cavity)


嘴唇肿块或粘膜病变, 舌头, or oral cavity can cause pain and discomfort and may restrict an individual’s ability to eat and drink. 在某些情况下,口腔内的肿块或粘膜病变可能是癌性的. Providers at Advanced ENT Services can remove masses and 病变 in order to restore health and comfort to patients.


Excision of Tongue Base or Lingual Tonsils


扁桃体环的一部分, the lingual tonsil is located at the base of the 舌头 close to where the throat joins the mouth and nasal cavity. 在一些个体中, the lingual tonsil can be removed in order to create more space for the airway behind the 舌头. This procedure may be recommended for some individuals with obstructive 睡眠呼吸暂停 or snoring issues. Surgery通过口腔进行,没有外部切口.


Excision or Incision of Oral Mucocele


黏液囊肿是一种无害的囊肿,最常见于牙龈, 上颚, 舌下, 或者在下唇里面. The mucocele may develop as a result of trauma or by biting or sucking on the cheek or lower lip. 虽然许多口腔粘液囊肿会自行消失,但有些可能会扩大,需要治疗. 耳鼻喉外科医生可以在局部麻醉下用Surgery刀或激光切除腺体. 在某些情况下, 医生可能会使用一种称为有袋化的技术来帮助形成新的导管, 促使唾液离开唾液腺的.


Incision and Drainage of Peritonsillar Abscess (Infection Caused by Untreated Strep Throat or Tonsillitis)


Untreated strep throat or 扁桃体炎 sometimes develops into a bacterial infection known as a  peritonsillar abscess, 扁桃体附近充满脓液的口袋. 这些脓肿最常见于儿童, teens and young adults during winter months when strep throat and 扁桃体炎 are prevalent. Some cases may be treated with antibiotics; other cases may require incision and drainage. 在这个过程中,耳鼻喉外科医生使用矛或针来抽吸脓肿.




A retropharyngeal abscess is a bacterial infection in the back of the throat that produces a collection of pus. 脓肿可能引起发烧、僵硬或吞咽疼痛. Retropharyngeal abscesses occur most commonly in children between the ages of one and eight. 而最初的治疗通常包括抗生素, 有些孩子可能需要看耳鼻喉外科医生切开脓肿并引流.




Subglottic stenosis (SGS) is a condition that can occur in both children and adults; it is characterized by the narrowing of the subglottis, 位于声带下方,气管上方. 声门下狭窄可引起呼吸困难和呼吸嘈杂. 在儿童中,SGS可引起反复发作. ENT surgeons at Advanced ENT Services treat both pediatric and adult cases of SGS with an endoscopic procedure known as balloon dilation. 在这个过程中, a small endoscope with a balloon on the tip is inserted into the throat; the balloon is then inflated to widen the air passageway.




Supraglottoplasty is a microscopic surgical procedure used to address conditions affecting the upper larynx in both children and adults. 耳鼻喉外科医生经常使用这种技术治疗喉软化症, a congenital birth defect characterized by softening of the tissues of the larynx; laryngomalacia can cause noisy, 婴儿和儿童呼吸困难.


Tongue Tie Release


Tongue tie (ankyloglossia) is a condition characterized by an abnormally thick or short band of tissue connecting the tip of the 舌头 to the floor of the mouth. Frenotomy (舌头的领带 release surgery) may be done almost immediately after birth or later in infancy, 童年, 或成年. Surgery,特别是对新生儿,是快速的,并发症是罕见的.




位于喉咙的后部, 扁桃体有助于产生对抗传染性细菌的抗体. In some people, the tonsils frequently become inflamed, producing a condition known as 扁桃体炎. If inflammation and infection continues to reoccur (especially within a short period of time), 你孩子的耳鼻喉科医生可能会建议扁桃体切除术(切除扁桃体)。. 


The adenoids (glands located in the 上颚 just behind the nose) may also be removed at the same time in order to improve breathing. 这些腺体在免疫系统中起着重要作用. 通常, the adenoids begin to shrink during 童年 and are almost entirely gone by teenage years. 在一些孩子身上, 腺样体增大, 阻塞气道,造成呼吸困难, 睡眠呼吸暂停, 耳部感染, 还有其他并发症. 在腺样体切除术中,耳鼻喉外科医生移除组织. 腺样体切除Surgery在全身麻醉下进行.




Transoral robotic surgery (TORS) is a minimally invasive surgical technique that uses a robotic system to perform procedures in the mouth and throat. 在Surgery过程中, 外科医生操纵着专门的机械手臂, 是通过病人的嘴插入喉咙的吗. The robotic arms are equipped with tiny surgical instruments and a high-definition 3D camera, 使外科医生能很好地观察Surgery区域. TORS可能比传统的开放Surgery有几个好处, 包括减少疼痛, 疤痕, 恢复时间. 它通常用于治疗头颈部癌症, 以及其他影响口腔和喉咙的疾病.




即UPPP, uvulopalatopharyngoplasty is a procedure that maximizes capacity of the airway in the throat while preventing tissue collapse. 该Surgery通常用于治疗患有阻塞性睡眠呼吸暂停的成年患者. 通过去除多余的组织,呼吸可能会更容易,睡眠质量可能会得到改善.




Throat surgeons at Advanced ENT Services perform a wide range of vocal cord surgeries and diagnostic procedures, including suspension microlaryngoscopy for large number of 病变 in the voice box; vocal fold paralysis surgery; various pharyngoplasty procedures for velopharyngeal insufficiency; microlaryngoscopy; vocal fold injection medialization; thyroplasty; cancer surgery; digital video-stroboscopy; fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing and sensory testing; and transnasal esophagoscopy.


To see a board-certified ENT surgeon at one of our many practice locations in the Hudson Valley, 请打电话给 914.693.7636 或使用下面的表格申请预约.

A representative from WMCHealth Physicians Advanced ENT Services will call you at the phone number you include on this form. We accept most insurances including Medicare and Medicaid; please be sure to ask the practice representative who calls you if we accept your insurance plan. 如果您有医疗紧急情况,请拨打911或前往最近的急诊室.